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  • First of the Defiers, the Child wants nothing more than to play and not be told what to do. Accompanied by her companion, Dolly, woe upon the fool who tries to take her grymkin “toys” away or tries to harm her. Only the Child decides what she gets to do—anyone else who tries will be ripped apart like a broken doll in a fit of rage.

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  • A dreamer can dream of beautiful things, but her slumber can also nightmares bring.

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  • True and false are merely words to turn the masses into herds.

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  • Le King of Nothing ne veut rien d'autre que d'être laissé seul. Il rejette en bloc le désir de Menoth de voir l'humanité se rassembler, le King of Nothing ne souhaite surtout pas faire partie de la société humaine. Ayant été renversé en tant que Defier, il règne sur une terre vide et stérile. Et comme tout bon roi, il désire voir ses frontières s’étendre.

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  • Traveling the unknown parts of Caen, the Wanderer once wished only to go where he pleased - until his confinement within the depths of Urcaen drove him mad. Now freed from that hell, he roams the world seeking those marked by sin to deliver upon them his own twisted and tortuous justice.

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