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  • The Trollbloods have suffered for decades at the hands of outsiders, and the infernal invasion was yet another human atrocity that punished the kriels. The infernals had not come to Caen for their souls, but the cosmic horrors still slaughtered the children of Dhunia whenever their forces crossed paths. 

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  • Among the Northkin leadership are their revered elders, many of whom are also powerful mystics, either shamans or sorcerers who can lend the cold of the north to the power already contained in krielstones to strengthen their allies.

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  • As the infernals came for human souls, refugees fled to all corners of Caen (and beyond) to escape. Many of these refugees found themselves in troll lands. There, some were welcomed allies while others were not.

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  • L’unité de Trollkin Runeshapers est vendue en boîte (PIP 71089). Un joueur peut recruter jusqu’à deux unités de Trollkin Runeshapers par warlock dans une armée Trollblood.

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